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Barker Social Marketing

Attention-grabbing digital marketing that’s bold, clear, & effective Our brand-barking digital marketing services grab attention for your brand to grow your business. With our results-driven content marketing methodology, we act on your behalf to establish your brand in the hearts and minds of your target customers to build relationships, establish…

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Mandi’s Lindy Hop Blog

I’ve been a Lindy Hopper for many years, including a dance instructor, event organizer, and community leader. I’m now semi-retired, but I have a website to keep all of my dance thoughts and resources. Visit my

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Mandi’s Personal Site

Sometimes you just need a place online for random personal stuff, like for travel journals and pet photos. This is mine. Have a browse around the parts of my personal life that I’ve felt inclined to make public!

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Green Smoothies & Juice

Visit my website dedicated to green tips, tricks, healthy recipes, and more! I created this website as a place to share the knowledge that I picked up since my health journey began in 2009. Visit

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Frankie Manning Foundation

I am a Member of the Board of Advisors of the Frankie Manning Foundation. The Vision (“In our wildest dreams…”) The Lindy hop will be danced all over the world to live big band music. Everywhere that Lindy hop is danced, on the dance floors and off, people of diverse…

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Asgardia, the Space Nation

I am a Member of Parliament for Asgardia, the Space Nation. Since its formation in October 2016, Asgardia, the Space Nation has established itself as a full-fledged nation, with a constitution, flag, anthem, and sovereign territory on the Asgardia-1 Satellite, currently in orbit around the Earth. To date, there are…

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Hello! I’m Mandi. Welcome to my website hub. My company is Barker Social Marketing. I’m also a member of the board of advisors for the Frankie Manning Foundation and a Member of Parliament for Asgardia, the Space Nation.   The Personal Side… I live in the Niagara Region of Canada in the…

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I run a few Instagram accounts for business and projects but my personal accounts are @mandigould and @theswingcloset. The first is for my day to day life, and the second is for my Lindy Hop and swing fashion collection.   @mandigoud @theswingcloset  

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