Why I’m dropping the title “Virtual Assistant”

The title “Virtual Assistant” no longer reflects what I do, so it’s about time I changed it!

The title “Virtual Assistant” is very respectable, though often misunderstood. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the title implies that someone is automatically a junior when in fact virtual assistants can range from entry level admin support all the way up to very high level consultants and managers. It’s the most identifiable title for someone who works virtually, but the associations aren’t necessarily accurate.

In any case, the title does not accurately describe what I actually do so I’ve dropped it.

When I transitioned from my old business as Director of a dance studio and wrapped up a major project as Event Planner for a festival in New York in 2014, I wasn’t exactly sure where my virtual journey would take me. I knew that I had extensive skills to offer. I also knew that I wanted to work from my home office in St. Catharines and put an end to my commute to Toronto.

Initially, I began as a generalist. It wasn’t clear to me what I would enjoy doing most and how I wanted to invest my energy. I managed a variety of basic administrative tasks for clients, but it quickly became clear that my diverse experience had equipped me with writing and marketing skills and practical know-how that’s in demand, and that I enjoy. Focusing my energy on writing and marketing made a lot more sense than continuing as a generalist.

I offer copywriting, copyediting, press release, and ghost blogging services. Whether someone needs a ghost blog post, an article for an outside publication, website copy, promotional materials, press releases, or sales letters, I can create the content that they’re looking for. I either work from existing notes or conduct the research based on the client’s ideas to produce finished, polished written documents.

Despite dropping the VA title, I’m choosing not to specifically take a new one. Rather, I’d like to focus on what I do rather than what my title is. I’m describing my offerings as Virtual Solutions; I specialize in Writing Services, Social Media Marketing, and Project Management.

If you are looking for a generalist, I have a great network of VAs and would happily connect you with someone. If you’d like to discuss writing, marketing, or project management services, let’s talk.