Sure, being a fashion curator sounds like fun…

8f25e3922e6c6d4890ebfb33f84fdafbOk, who am I kidding. It’s the BEST job in the world!

…but it’s not only about picking beautiful garments.

So what exactly is a fashion curator?



    1. the administrative head of a museum, art gallery, or similar institution

2. a person who selects content for presentation, as for a presentation

3. a manager; superintendent.

791e01db363651f7c55cc4ad6de1c7bbThere’s a great deal of time put in to research, quality assurance, and thorough due diligence to make sure that the selection is strong, strategic and is does justice to our loyal clientele.

And it’s also about making the tough choices. Sometimes a curator has to turn down a beautiful item because it doesn’t make sense for the current collection, because there isn’t appropriate stock available, the quality might not be justified or because the garment isn’t right for the direction of the current market.

There can also be challenges with importing items from global destinations, and there’s always the matter of anticipating the right sizes to bring in to Toronto while also limiting the stock to ensure that the selection remains as exclusive as possible for our valued Toronto fashion followers.

At Toronto Pop Up Fashion, it’s not about choosing something that’s cutting edge but that won’t be wearable with trend changes in another two months. Our curators pick quality pieces that are tasteful and will prove to have longevity of wear while also staying unique.

34f8588c283e7e013d0d59659e6c7a82We never want the fashion selection that we bring in to Toronto to feel mundane, but it should always feel classic. That’s an important distinction.

As we build our Toronto base and lead up to the next pop up event, we also remain cognizant of the dynamics of our most loyal Toronto followers and the curator will let herself be influenced by the much admired taste makers and the wonderful loop of inspiration that we offer one another. While the curator makes the selection, she is also interested in the opinions, tastes and style of the Toronto fashionistas that we aim to build continued relationships with. We want to offer a very tailored service and opportunity to our Toronto followers. Should we ever become stale, we ourselves would grow tired and feel ready to move on. So it’s about keeping the fashion fresh, on trend and timeless all at the same time. Piece of cake?