The Best Toronto Fashion Blogs: The Heavyweights

Apart our own Toronto Pop Up Fashion Blog, where can you turn to get the latest news about the local fashion scene and articles on building a closet you love?

You might be wondering, what is *the* best Toronto fashion blog or best Toronto fashion website of them all? Well to be honest, we just can’t choose.

Instead, we’ve pulled together a round up of some of the most influential and cutting edge fashion blogs in Toronto, with great advice on style, tips on adding to your wardrobe, and listings of sales and events you won’t want to miss. These are great resources for any fashion-forward woman living in our city, and we hope that our own blog becomes just as indispensible as it continues to grow.

Since there are just so many excellent blogs out there, it’s difficult to cover them all in one post. Therefore we’ve broken down this round up into two parts: the first part will focus on the major sources for fashion news here in Toronto, and in the second we’ll introduce you to some of our favourite individual fashion bloggers whose personal style and writings inspire us daily. Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Toronto Is Fashion –

A Canadian fashion and lifestyle blog which has been nominated in the Canadian Weblog Awards and mentioned by many major publications and series including the Toronto Star, Flare magazine, and America’s Next Top Model, Toronto Is Fashion is one of the best sources for keeping current in local and international fashion news. With travel reviews and shopping guides, mentions of upcoming events and sales in Toronto’s fashion scene, as well as product reviews and giveaways, this is one site to keep your eye on. Run by a local fashion writer and fashion photographer team, the blog is heavily focused on events and celebs of the fashion world. It also provides a carefully curated job listing service on which you can find postings for local jobs in the fashion industry. A must-see for anyone interested in getting their foot in the door and passionate about working in fashion!

Toronto Fashion Blog –

Founded by Matthew and Mark St. James, Toronto Fashion Blog aims to deliver top news stories, review runway shows, and provide an online resource cataloging the history of fashion’s most influential designers and brands. Besides that, they offer up articles on how to buy wardrobe staples like a suit or designer bag, and info on upcoming sales and collection releases. Readers can expect professional reporting on the Canadian fashion scene as a whole (though with a major focus on its Toronto-centric roots), highlighting local talent including bloggers, designers, photographers, beauty and hair specialists, among others. It’s a great source for discovering new favourite brands and “It”-people to watch. Check out their resource list, which includes information about where to study fashion professionally, and how to apply for the Toronto Fashion Incubator awards. They are also beginning a job and internship listing for Toronto-based positions, as well as some elsewhere in Canada. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!


If you haven’t heard aboutFASHIONIGHTS, you’d better get up to speed! One of the most influential Toronto-based blogs out there, they take you behind the scenes of Toronto’s vibrant fashion industry: from launches & runway shows, photoshoots and previews, to global fashion coverage and news. It should be your go-to destination when you want to know the most current news about the fashion world. With a gorgeous, image-heavy layout, FASHIONIGHTS is the best place to check out lookbooks and beautiful editorials on the latest collections. They also write about beauty, food, and lifestyle, just as gorgeously compiled.

The Backseat Stylers –

A collaborative venture between two very stylish Toronto-based sisters, The Backseat Stylers is a blog you’ll love to read. With writing worthy of the pages of Vogue, and generous use of images, this deceptively simple blog is one of the best places to find general fashion news, runway and showroom reviews, and inspiration from the red carpet and the streets. Winner of the PG Beauty & Grooming Awards two years running, and featured in Elle, Fashion, and Flare magazines as well as on the CBC, this is some of the finest Canadian fashion reporting out there. With coverage of local events and contests galore, this is a fun, beautiful blog that will make you simply salivate with its gorgeous photos. With articles on “How to Shop like a Style Blogger” and coverage of more affordable brands in addition to designer greats, this blog provides inspiration for all of us fashionistas, no matter our budgets! Definitely not to be missed is their “Retail Therapy” category, with suggestions for the shops and collections you need to be checking out now. Their Canadian Street Style Lookbook is also a wonderful resource full of inspiring snaps and interviews with local fashion mavens. Which brings us nicely into our next featured blog…

Toronto Street Fashion –

Don’t be fooled by the URL — this humble site may only be hosted on Blogspot, but it packs a punch in the style department. Dedicated to the love of art, fashion, and film photography, this blog showcases some of the up-and-coming trendsetters in the Canadian fashion landscape, from models to the people just walking down the street. The two sisters who run it (yes, a different pair from the two mentioned above — good style must be genetic!) want to showcase how eclectic and original fashion can be when people take it into their own hands and style themselves. The “Lookbook” section profiles the sisters’ own style, for additional inspiration when it comes to building a personal look. Inspired by the many street fashion blogs around the world, this is our own homegrown source of day-to-day fashion inspiration! Who knows, you might even spot a friend on it.


A team of six excellent contributors bring you the best of what Toronto has to offer on URBANEBLOC. Blogging about what’s in their closets and giving product reviews, you can find articles on shopping, food, music, travel, beauty, relationships, DIY, and more. This blog is part of the StyleList Contributor Network for a reason — these ladies lend a wonderfully personal feel to a major blog, offering insights you wouldn’t get from a more objectively written professional fashion website. With contests and event info, as well as coverage of the freshest in local fashion, this is definitely a blog to add to your feed reader!


What does BHD stand for? The Broken Heel Diaries, a local fashion and beauty blog which is part of the Elle Trend Influencer Network and is very social media savvy. Among the usual fashion and lifestyle news, they feature a “Woman of the Week”, who is some manner of mover-and-shaker in the fashion business, pushing it forward, innovating, and coming up with creative new ways of exploring the fashion industry — probably people to keep your eye on! They also offer consulting services for new businesses in the industry, sharing information on branding strategies and effective use of social media through the blog and through their paid services. If you’re starting a fashion-related business, this is definitely a blog to keep an eye on, if only for the useful information about managing your online presence, planning events, and becoming a trend-setter with influence.

blogTO’s Fashion & Style section –

What would a list of the city’s biggest trend capturing blogs be without mentioningblogTO. Although you could easily dismiss it as amateur or not “high fashion” enough, the blog’s strength is actually in how many contributors it has, and its local focus. Maybe it’s not the place to look for runway reviews or designer lookbooks, but blogTO is great for finding lists of the best shops in the city for particular goods, information on upcoming fashion and style events, sales, and down-to-earth coverage of style in our city. Besides that, they often publish excellent advice for those looking to get involved in the industry in Toronto, such as this fantastic article. It’s a trusted, well-liked source of news and reviews for a reason. Plus the discussions in the comments on articles are often as useful as the original writing itself! It’s like having a whole group of stylish friends to chat with about what that new boutique was like, where to get a haircut, or where to spot celebrities during Fashion Week. We dig that personal feeling of being connected to a community…

…and that is why you should check next week for Part II of the Best Toronto Fashion Blogs.

The second Round Up will focus on the more personal blogs out there. Plenty of Torontonians have taken to writing their own blogs, focused on personal experience in the industry or just in living a stylish life, and we’ve picked some of our favourites for you. See you then!