How does a Ghost Blogger know what to write?

“Outsource my your writing!? How would someone else possibly know what to write?”

When it comes to ghost blogging, there are some obvious ghost blogging question. As an expert in your field, you’re surely wondering, how could someone else possibly know what to write about?

Good question.

But here’s the thing: the concept of ghost writing isn’t knew. Unspecified individuals have been writing on other people’s behalves for as long as writing has existed. It may seem perplexing to imagine someone else writing content for you, but there are professionals who do exactly that.

There are methods to the madness.

A ghost blogger conducts industry research, or they can work from your point form notes. The writer can also flesh out rough drafts of articles that you’ve started and turn them into a finished product that will engage your readers. A ghost blogger can work with very specific ideas, or they’ll derive topics from general themes that are related to your business.

Writing for someone else is both a skill and a talent.

A good blog copywriter has a knack for converting a vague or undeveloped ideas into a finished product. They’re also talented at unearthing interesting topics within your industry and can generate lists of blog ideas for you to choose from before they start writing.

In my own experience as a ghost blogger, I’ve written for a wide variety of clients across a number of different industries:

  • ghost bloggingBranding
  • Beauty, Fashion, Makeup
  • Coaching (Life, Business)
  • Design, Interior Design, Home Décor
  • Eminent Domain
  • Event Organizing & Planning
  • Executive Recruitment, Resume Services
  • Finance, Tax, Financial Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Health, Wellness, Nutrition
  • Human Resources
  • Law, Lawyers
  • Medicine, Plastic Surgery
  • Small Business


I am by no means an expert in all of these fields, but I am experienced at writing and adapting content for other people. As a ghost blogger, I’ve written for small business owners, large corporations, and small celebrities.

In addition to writing original content, a ghost blogger can also populate your blog by putting a unique spin on existing industry articles. The ghost blogger can pull appropriate articles that they’ll summarize, comment on, and link back to in the form of a short blog post. This type of post is quick, easy, inexpensive, and provides goodwill within the industry, as other websites are always happy to receive link-backs to their work. These sourced blog posts are good for everyone’s search engine optimization.

If you’re skeptical about outsourcing your writing, remember that you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. You can start out with a short series of 4 posts, or even a single article to test the process. Contact me and we can start populating your blog as soon as this week.