Create an Evergreen Social Media Library for Branding & Efficiency

Are you working harder or smarter when it comes to your social media marketing?

I see it time and again. Business owners working to generate brand new content on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis—write new content, send it out, repeat the process. It isn’t necessarily a bad system… but how much of that content could be useful to share again in the future?

Are you creating unnecessary work for yourself, recreating the wheel each marketing cycle? Couldn’t the same content be used again next year, or maybe even next quarter?

Social media moves quickly, particularly on Twitter. How many of your followers are likely to actually see each individual social post? The fact is, very few. The social media algorithms see to that, enabling only a limited amount of viewership, even with boosted posts.

Identify Evergreen Content

It’s absolutely reasonable to re-use evergreen material. What is evergreen content? Content that is non-time sensitive; it won’t expire because it’s not limited to a specific date. Any content that will continue to be relevant next month and next year is evergreen and you could be using it again.

Take blog posts. Most blog posts are probably what can be considered evergreen content. If it’s non-time sensitive, you could use it again later to reach a new audience, and to remind your original viewers of your value-add which they’ve likely forgotten.

If you aren’t already doing so, create a Social Media Library full of evergreen material.

How to Create a Social Media Library

I like to keep my libraries in Excel. I create columns in the spreadsheet for each theme, topic, and blog post. I might have anywhere between 30 and 100 general engagement hooks, another 30 to 100 promotional hooks, and for every blog post about 10 to 24 hooks.

I return to my library(ies) on a regular basis to add new content. I generally do this on a monthly basis for general content updates, and I also add new social media hooks to the library for every new blog post that I write. Periodically, I’ll also take old library content and freshen up the wording, or create additional hooks by rephrasing or repositioning some of the existing ideas and links from the library.

This content can then be recycled at reasonable intervals; less frequently on Facebook and Linked, and more frequently on Twitter. Having a social media library allows you to share strategic content without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

The nice thing about using Excel is that you can also include a column to total the length of each hook to make sure that you don’t exceed the character count of 140 characters with the formula =len(XY) where X is your column letter and Y is your row number.

 Create your own Social Media Library format, or you can order my my template by clicking here. It includes a Twitter-count formula + instructions on how to manage your library for just $5.00 CAD. *Also useful for new virtual assistants who are just learning the ropes about managing social media for clients.

When you work with a social media marketer, it’s important that you have a chance to read and sign off on new content. Being able to access a social media library is the most efficient way to monitor and approve content, and to make sure that the content fits in with your overall marketing strategy.

Identifying your evergreen content and having a social media library just makes sense. It creates a more efficient and strategic marketing campaign and saves you from constantly recreating the wheel, which will save you time and money.

If you need help creating a library, I’d be happy to help. Contact me and we can discuss your social media needs.