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Are We The Right Fit?

It’s important to be selective

While some contractors work with a vast array of clients, I prefer to partner with a very select number of individuals or organizations. I want to get to know you, your business, your preferences, and your vision.

Please visit my About page to learn about my background, skills, and career highlights. As much as you’ll want to screen me to determine that I’m the right fit for you and your business, I’ll want to do the same to make sure that our relationship is reciprocal. Our partnership should be mutually beneficial and rewarding.

I work particularly well with small business entrepreneurs and busy individuals who are interested in building a comfortable, ongoing professional relationship. It’s important to me that my effort and skills really make an impact on your current work load while advancing the future of your business in the process.

By limiting the number of clients that I work with, I’m not only able to focus on the current state of your business, but I’m also able to think forward. I want to build the “know, like, and trust” factor between us. If the shoe fits (for both of us) my services could be the key to your business achievement.

Considerations before we embark on a working relationship   

1. We may or may not ever meet in person. 
If you would feel more comfortable meeting in person, I could be your virtual partner in St. Catharines, the Niagara Region, or Toronto. I live in St. Catharines but visit Toronto regularly. However, there is no real need to meet in person and we may never do so. I can work with you from anywhere in the world, and that’s the beauty of working with a virtual partner!

2. It will take prep work. 
The work you do prior to our first discussion, and certainly before my first assignment, will play a huge factor in our success. First, you’ll need to document your activities to analyze which tasks you can delegate to me. You’ll need to organize passwords and processes. If you have particular ways that you like things to be done, you’ll also need to come up with detailed instructions on how I’ll accomplish those tasks to your specifications. We will both need to set expectations in advance regarding the nature of the work and time lines.

3. There will be a learning curve.
Don’t disregard the time it will take to successfully onboard me as a member of your team. I’ll need to be trained in your systems and processes, and it will take some time to for us to get really ramped up. Like hiring a full-time employee, virtual assistants also require a training period. We’ll need to be in contact more frequently and in more detail during the first 2 to 3 weeks. Invest in me and I will give you results. The time you take with me will set both of us up for success.

Let’s talk to see if we’re the right fit. Get in touch