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Social media has become essential to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses in particular can profit from a strategic and cost effective social media marketing plan. Ad hoc social updates made on the fly just aren’t sufficient. Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagram, LinkedIn, leveraging Google+ for search engine optimization… These critical social media efforts are time consuming and, in order to be successful, need to fit into a larger strategy.

Chances are, you’re either neglecting social media altogether, or you’re spending too much time trying to manage social media yourself without a proper understanding of what a successful campaign entails.

Did you know that a successful Twitter campaign requires a minimum of 3 tweets daily? Actually, 4-6+ tweets daily is optimal. It’s also important to share your “evergreen” articles and blog posts periodically to drive attention back to your website.

Do you know how to engage your audience and build a dialogue with potential customers over consecutive days and across several posts and updates to generate more shares, more followers, and more visits to your website?

In today’s market, the value of social media cannot be ignored and is worth every penny of your investment. To be successful, your online presence needs to fit into a bigger marketing strategy.

As a social media expert, I will implement and execute a campaign to:

  1. Connect with your target audience; know them, understand them, make a real connection with them.
  2. Give your audience the chance to get to know you as much as you’re getting to know them.
  3. Build a trusting relationship by understanding their likes, hopes, and needs.
  4. Use the relationship that’s been established through social media to make the sale and to engage repeat customers.

I work inside the social media world every day, and I’m really good at it. I’ll do the heavy lifting. I’ll partner with you to make sure your message gets across. I’ll build your social media presence through a “macro” multi-platform campaign, while also managing the “micro” details through intimate tweet-by-tweet relationship building.

A relationship building strategy is necessary to build brand awareness and to increase sales. To be successful on social media, the marketing process takes time, strategy, and dedication. Give me the reigns, and I can execute a strong, cost-effective campaign that will show you a worthwhile return on your investment.

 Social Media Packages Entry Basic Intermediate Advanced Expert
Content Creation y y y y y
Implementation y y y y y
Social Media Tools & Professional Coordination y y y y y
Platform Management y y y y y
Monthly Reporting y y y y y
Monthly Content Review & Client Approval y y y y y
Monitoring of Social Interactions y y y y
Response to Follower Engagement y y y y
Active engagement with networks y y y y
Creation of Custom Visuals y y y y
Creation & Monitoring of Boosted Ads y y y y
Twitter 14 21 28 35 42
Facebook 7 7 14 14 14
LinkedIn 7 7 14 14 14
Total Posts/Week 28 35 56 63 70
Custom Visuals 0 6 8 10 12
Boosted Ads 0 3 4 5 6
Total Posts/Month 28 44 68 78 88

*All packages are scaled and customized based on your unique business requirements.

Social Savvy Upgrades: 

Advanced LinkedIn with Active Networking

Build your network and industry visibility. I’ll conduct active LinkedIn networking on your behalf by engaging with targeted contacts to establish your presence and drive your message.

Instagram Engagement

A coordinated Instagram campaign with daily images, strategic tagging, engagement with your followers, & regramming other appropriate content will solidify your Instagram presence and build your brand recognition.

Pinterest Marketing

Leverage Pinterest to build your brand. I’ll manage strategic campaign with daily and weekly content population to push your Pinterest followers to your website and other social media platforms.   

Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

Newsletter/Ezine Services

~Whether you use Mailchimp, iContact, Constant Contact, another online newsletter service, or you’re just getting started and you’d like recommendations, I’ve been managing e-newsletter campaigns for over 15 years and execute your campaign for the highest level of success.

Contact me to discuss your unique business needs. 

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