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24 Hour Website Turn Around

24 Hour Website Turn Around

24 Hour Website Turn Around

Have you been putting off getting a website because you’ve thought it would be:

  • Too expensive?
  • Too complicated?

Think again!

I take the pain out of website creation for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  I’ll put up a good, clean, functional website with the fastest turn around time and at the most affordable price. Most small enterprises don’t need all of the bells and whistles, just something clean and functional like my website that you’re currently visiting. You’ll be able to update the site yourself, or you can continue to use my help for updates and elaboration.

All I need from you is:

A Good Photo
At least one photo that you like, preferably high resolution but I’ll use whatever you’ve got. If you have more photos, terrific. The more the merrier. But the minimum is only one.

Something To Say
I’ll need some information to get things started. A bio or some basic information about your business would be a minimum. If you’ve got copy ready to go to print now, great I’ll put it right up. Otherwise, you can give me some point form notes and I’ll finesse the text for you.

Your Contact Information
It’s up to you what you’d like to include on the website. Email, phone number, contact form, address, whatever you’d like. I can create an official email address for you, or you create a form that forwards to your existing email address.

Addresses for Your Social Media (optional)
If you would like to include links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or other social media account, please prepare to send those addresses to me as well.

An Address for Your Website
And a back up name in case your first choice is unavailable.


That’s it!

I’ll turn your website around for you and the costs will be minimal with prices beginning as low as $200.

Here are some examples of the sites that I’ve created and/or maintain:


For more information about my 24 Hour Website creation including prices & examples, please contact me

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